Education | Precious Lessons our Education doesn’t Teach

  1. How to see your peers as your most precious relationships rather than competitors that bring pressure
  2. How to love yourself unconditionally when the world is constantly judging
  3. How to live in the moment when the world is result-driven
  4. How to find beauty in the most mundane things in life. Being picky is not the sign of having a good taste. It’s the opposite of it.
  5. How to combine what you love with what will get you a job
  6. How to love someone unconditionally
  7. How to have a good sleep
  8. How to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  9. How to genuinely applaud for others’ success
  10. How to find your life purposes
  11. How to manage your money
  12. How to be optimistic despite circumstances
  13. How to forgive yourself for mistakes
  14. How to find your life partner
  15. How to not feel anxious about aging
  16. How to face death
  17. How to come back after being knocked down
  18. How to amend a relationship
  19. When to let go in a relationship
  20. How to feel grateful for tiniest things in life: sunshine, smile, water
  21. How to love our “enemies”




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